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Fiona Tarr

Death Beneath the Covers

Death Beneath the Covers

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A high-class escort turns amateur detective to find her friend's killer.

Liz Jeffreys went from runaway to Madam the hard way. She thought she had everything she ever wanted. Wealth. Power. Influence. But she can’t un-see her friend’s lifeless body. Now she’s compelled to infiltrate the investigation and find the killer. There’s only one problem, and his name is Detective Jack Cunningham.

She knows Jack doesn’t want her sticking her nose into his investigation, but she’s determined her unique skillset can help solve the case. Her looks and contacts might open doors, but what she’ll find could kill her.

Liz uncovers corruption and political turmoil far more dangerous than she could have imagined. She’s operating out on a limb, walking a tight rope that could fall out from under her, leaving her next on the hit list.

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