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Fiona Tarr

Her Buried Bones Audiobook

Her Buried Bones Audiobook

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She came to find answers – she discovered a trail of secrets…

When Jenny Williams took a job as the new constable in an outback opal mining town, she thought she’d be hunting down clues to find her missing aunt and cousin. But when a young woman’s body is found at the bottom of a mine shaft, a possible murder forces her personal agenda to take a back seat.

Jenny goes head to head with her new commanding officer. He doesn’t want to ruffle feathers in town and rules the case
Death By Misadventure. But Jenny is sure the dead woman met with foul play.

Risking her job, and her chance at solving her family mystery, Jenny will go behind her boss’s back and uncover not only a killer, but a lead that could reveal a decade of corruption.

This case could be the link she’s been hoping for. But it might just end her career.

Or even her life!

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