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Fiona Tarr

The Jericho Prophecy

The Jericho Prophecy

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Can a pagan priestess and an Israelite spy save the city of Jericho from certain destruction?

When Rahab saved Salmah from the city guard, she was just being a good Samaritan. But now she’s torn—He’s attractive, charming and technically the enemy. Could his people really kill everyone she knows and loves?

Salmah has never met anyone like Rahab before. She’s intelligent, kind and beautiful and already has him utterly confused. Surely his God doesn’t want every man, woman and child in the city dead? But what can he do?

When the Goddess Asherah calls on Rahab to fulfill a prophecy, the young priestess quickly realizes she can’t do it alone. Will an old flame be the key and will he help her once he knows she’s in love with the enemy?

Rahab will do anything to save her city and everyone she loves. The goddess Asherah must risk revealing herself if she wants to see the prophecy fulfilled.

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