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Fiona Tarr

Foxy Mysteries Complete Collection

Foxy Mysteries Complete Collection

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A high-class escort turns amateur detective to hunt down her friend's killer.

Liz Jeffreys went from runaway to Madam the hard way. She thought she had everything she ever wanted. Wealth. Power. Influence. But identifying her best friend’s lifeless body makes her question everything – including lead detective Jack Cunningham.

When she intrudes on his investigation, Jack pushes back, leaving her wondering if it’s her or her career choice causing the tension between them.

Liz digs deep, uncovering corruption and political turmoil far more dangerous than she could have imagined. Will this case be a catalyst - a chance to start over? Or is she operating out on a limb, walking a tight rope that could fall out from under her at any moment?

Will she be next on the hit list?

For Toni Anderson fans and readers who love a little sizzle with their mystery reads.

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