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Fiona Tarr

Grave Doubt

Grave Doubt

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Coming Soon!

This novella will be exclusive to my website and not available anywhere else. Once launched, it will be given freely to anyone who joins my readers club (or has joined in the past).

If joining the club isn't your thing, no worries, you can buy the ebook exclusively here.

Want to make sure you get this prequel novella? Then join my readers club here.

A suspicious death. A memory best forgotten. A truth that must be revealed.

Dawn Grave fled her hometown in Far North Queensland under a cloud of doubt and fear. Now, a workplace incident and teen suicide look set to open wounds Dawn thought she’d sealed forever. But the scars run deep, and she can’t escape a past she’d do anything to forget.

As the case turns from suicide to possible homicide, Dawn’s nightmares come flooding back. But she’s a seasoned detective and not even her family secrets will stop her from finding a killer.

When the teen’s death is linked to organised crime, and the local authorities come under scrutiny, Dawn is left wondering who she can trust. But when her partner is kidnapped, she’ll have to gamble his life and put her faith in someone.

As she goes into the line of fire, Dawn’s worried—has she made the right choice…


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