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Fiona Tarr

Grave Regret

Grave Regret

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Bringing secrets to light can be dangerous…. keeping them buried might be deadly.

Dawn Grave is a career detective who’s holding on to a dark past - one that destroys relationships and wreaks havoc on her personal life.

For more than twenty years, she’s tried to forget the horrors of her youth - while her sister has spent all that time digging for answers. Now a cryptic text message threatens to throw it all back into the light.

Dawn attempts to call her sister, but when Lisa can’t be reached, she knows something terrible has happened. But finding Lisa means returning to the remote tropical town in northern Australia where her nightmares all began.

Dawn is out of her jurisdiction, but nothing is going to stop her investigating her sister’s disappearance. When Lisa’s car is found abandoned and a body is retrieved from the water, she’s afraid her past has come back to haunt her.

When she’s called to ID the body, she realises, her search for the truth has only just begun.

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