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Fiona Tarr

Her Hidden Bones

Her Hidden Bones

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She knew she’d uncover secrets. She didn’t expect them to be her own.

Constable Jenny Williams moved to an outback mining town to find her missing cousin. The cold case is finally warming up, but it appears the remote, desolate desert community is hiding more secrets.

When a car crashes into the local motel reception, Jenny jumps in to help dig the owner from the debris – only to find tragedy. A women’s corpse is discovered hidden in the carnage, turning the crash scene into a crime scene.

Jenny starts digging, but quickly discovers the prime suspect is her friend, the woman who’s been her rock since she came to town. Jenny’s gut is telling her Marj didn’t kill anyone, but she’ll need do what her boss hates – ruffle feathers to find the truth.

Dredging up the past puts Jenny in the killer’s sights. Someone wants the past kept in the past. They’ll do anything to keep their secrets hidden.

Even kill a cop!

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