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Fiona Tarr

Her Covered Bones

Her Covered Bones

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When dark secrets come to light, a trail of murder and deceit will follow.

Constable Jenny Williams spent the last decade obsessed with finding her missing cousin. She became a cop, moved to a remote outback mining town and put her career on the line to track Melanie down. Now she’s been found, Jenny should be overjoyed…

But her cousin’s past is full of unanswered questions and dark secrets. Jenny is willing to ignore it all, until a woman’s body is uncovered at William Creek Station - the very same place Melanie disappeared from all those years ago.

As the investigation kicks into high gear, Jenny’s gut instincts scream there must be a connection between Melanie’s disappearance and the suspicious deaths at William Creek Station.

When she finds the connection, she won’t be the only one who wishes it never came to light.

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