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Fiona Tarr

Her Lonely Bones

Her Lonely Bones

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They say she's a murder magnet. They could be right...

Constable Jenny Williams became a cop to find her missing cousin. Since arriving in the small, outback mining town, she’s uncovered secrets, lies and murder. Now a fun day fossicking for opals has revealed yet another body.

A woman has been found crushed and mutilated inside mining equipment. Jenny is sure the woman’s death was no accident. She investigates and uncovers a link to an extremist Sovereigntist cult who don’t take kindly to strangers.

As if fanatics weren’t scary enough – the commune is full of armed men and what appears to be women held captive. Her gut instincts are telling her this cult is trouble, but she needs proof.

Jenny’s boss tells her to do what she’s never been good at – be patient, don’t stir up trouble and keep her mouth shut. But when she discovers a local barmaid is a former cult member, she pushes the woman for answers.

Until the barmaid goes missing….

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